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From an educator’s perspective, instilling the desire to learn is the “holy grail”. Sesame Street, Wild America, The Cosmos, Earth, and a host of other entertaining, educational television franchises have revolutionized education by distilling facts and principles -from science to sociology - into easily “digestible”, thought provoking, life changing entertainment.    Learning has never been this much fun!

The following Links will take you to programs that are “distillations” of everything from the simple concepts we learned in grade school to Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, to advanced astrophysics and quantum mechanics theories that did not exist before 2005!

Our plan is to continue adding relevant links as educational tools for astronomy and cosmology.

Additional related links to bodies of astrophysical research, astronomy equipment retailers, planetariums, observatories, related institutions, clubs, and support organizations will be added gradually upon my review.

Star Corral’s simple philosophy: People with basic education who have little or no formal training in specific fields are capable of understanding many concepts and theories even in advanced fields.  Our hope is to enhance their quest for knowledge.

Fascination is almost always the best first step in education. Just as the taste of clean water improves proportionately to the thirst of the drinker, education tastes much better when the mind is hungry.  Star Corral is about turning curiosity into fascination, fascination into hunger for knowledge.

We must never forget the reverend Billy Graham; it was a simple novice door to door evangelist who shared a message with him over 60 years ago. As Billy Graham would say, the power is not in the man, but in the message he shares.


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