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Since my first target shoot using a Remington 40 XB in 1965, I’ve been hooked. My own Ruger 10/22 is 43 years old.  I also got my first telescope about that time. I joined the Memphis Astronomical Society around then and have been hooked ever since. I now belong to the Astronomy Club of Tulsa which has an Observatory southwest of Mounds, OK.

Seven years ago I discovered Oil Capital as a place where I could enjoy target shooting and astronomy. It is conveniently located and has high berms for shooting safety, nice buildings and comfortable (if not posh) facilities, and has reasonably dark night skys, so you feel your really away from the big city.


Earth - Pale Blue Dot

Oil Capital Astronomy Observing Center

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I enjoy the quiet peace of a starry night - looking a star clusters, galaxies, nebulae, planets, and the moon.  I also enjoy shooting with veterans and other gun enthusiasts.

Political “correctness” means nothing to me.   OCRGC lets me practice and enjoy the ideals I grew up with. 


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